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Elizabeth Martin.

in Concise Medical Dictionary

January 2015; p ublished online September 2015 .

Reference Entry. Subjects: Medicine and Health. 20 words.

prefix denoting absence of; lacking; not. Examples: amastia (absence of breasts); amorphic (lacking definite form); atoxic (not poisonous).

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A  Complex Code of Extrinsic Influences on Cortical Progenitor Cells of Higher Mammals

Isabel Reillo, Camino de Juan Romero, Adrián Cárdenas, Francisco Clascá, Maria Ángeles Martínez-Martinez and Víctor Borrell.

in Cerebral Cortex

September 2017; p ublished online July 2017 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Neurology; Clinical Neuroscience; Neuroscience. 14361 words.


Development of the cerebral cortex depends critically on the regulation of progenitor cell proliferation and fate. Cortical progenitor cells are...

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A & E medicine <i>n.</i>

Elizabeth A. Martin and Tanya A. McFerran.

in A Dictionary of Nursing

May 2017; p ublished online May 2017 .

Reference Entry. Subjects: Nursing. 26 words.

accident and emergency medicine: an important specialty dealing with the immediate problems of the acutely ill and injured. See also

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A “Fundamental Theorem” of Biomedical Informatics

Charles P. Friedman.

in Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

March 2009; p ublished online March 2009 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Medical Statistics and Methodology; Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; Biomathematics and Statistics. 1079 words.


This paper proposes, in words and pictures, a “fundamental theorem” to help clarify what informatics is and what it is not. In words, the theorem...

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A “One-Two Punch” Leading to Hepatitis C Seroconversion

Ellen H. Nagami, Arthur Y. Kim, Christopher E. Birch, Melinda J. Bowen and Barbara H. McGovern.

in Clinical Infectious Diseases

February 2011; p ublished online February 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Infectious Diseases; Immunology; Public Health and Epidemiology; Microbiology. 1692 words.

We report a case of acute hepatitis C virus infection that occurred after a traumatic altercation among prison inmates. This report has significant implications for infection control...

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Michael Prados.

in Neuro-Oncology

July 2014; p ublished online July 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Medical Oncology; Neurology. 0 words.

BACKGROUND: Despite years of intense clinical research and clinical trials, there are essentially no effective therapies proven to increase survival at the time of tumor progression in...

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A “Query” Pancreatitis in a Young Shepherdess: An Uncommon Manifestation of Acute Q Fever

Andreas Stein, Bruno Berthet and Didier Raoult.

in Clinical Infectious Diseases

July 1999; p ublished online July 1999 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Infectious Diseases; Immunology; Public Health and Epidemiology; Microbiology. 0 words.

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A “Recipe” for Culture Change? Findings From the THRIVE Survey of Culture Change Adopters

Amy Elliot, Lauren W. Cohen, David Reed, Kimberly Nolet and Sheryl Zimmerman.

in The Gerontologist

February 2014; p ublished online January 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Gerontology and Ageing; Psychology; Geriatric Medicine; Biological Sciences. 3388 words.

Purpose of the Study: Descriptions of culture change adoption are often complex and varied, creating a challenge for those seeking guidance about...

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A “Roziah” by Any Other Name: A Simple Bayesian Method for Determining Ethnicity From Names

Kridaraan Komahan and Daniel D. Reidpath.

in American Journal of Epidemiology

August 2014; p ublished online June 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Public Health and Epidemiology. 3156 words.

Correct identification of ethnicity is central to many epidemiologic analyses. Unfortunately, ethnicity data are often missing. Successful classification typically relies on large databases...

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A ‘Bloody’ hot stew

M.E. Kelly, V. Martlew and J. Thachil.

in QJM: An International Journal of Medicine

January 2013; p ublished online September 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Medicine and Health. 658 words.

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