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Emily Greenwood.

January 2010; published online May 2010.

Book. Subjects: Classical Literature. 320 pages.

Afro‐Greeks explores dialogues between anglophone Caribbean literature and the complex legacies of ancient Greece and Rome, from the 1920s to the beginning of the...

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Empire, the National, and the Postcolonial, 1890-1920

Elleke Boehmer.

January 2005; published online January 2010.

Book. Subjects: Literary Studies (19th Century). 250 pages.

This book explores the political co-operations and textual connections which linked anti-colonial, nationalist, and modernist groups and individuals in the empire in the years 1890-1920. By...

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Growth and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Edited by Channing Arndt, Andy McKay and Finn Tarp.

April 2016; published online May 2016.

Book. Subjects: Economic Development and Growth. 512 pages.

While the economic growth renaissance in sub-Saharan Africa is widely recognized, much less is known about progress in living conditions. This book comprehensively evaluates trends in...

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Political Theories of Decolonization

Margaret Kohn and Keally McBride.

February 2011; published online May 2011.

Book. Subjects: Political Theory; Comparative Politics. 224 pages.

Recent scholarship in political theory has focused on the treatment of colonialism in the writings of canonical thinkers such as Locke, Burke, Mill, Diderot, Tocqueville, Smith, and Kant,...

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Victorian Afterlives

Robert Douglas-Fairhurst.

March 2002; published online January 2010.

Book. Subjects: Literary Studies (19th Century). 388 pages.

Questions of survival were much discussed during the 19th century, ranging from debates over the likelihood of a personal immortality, to anxieties over the more dispersed and unpredictable...

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Hadrian's Wall

Richard Hingley.

October 2012; published online January 2013.

Book. Subjects: Greek and Roman Archaeology. 416 pages.

This book addresses the post-Roman history of this world-famous ancient monument. Constructed on the orders of the emperor Hadrian during the 120s ad, the Wall was maintained for almost...

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Electing Our Masters

Jon Lawrence.

March 2009; published online September 2011.

Book. Subjects: Modern History (1700 to 1945); Political History. 344 pages.

This book covers the history of British electioneering from the 18th century right up to the present day. It explores the relationship between British politicians and their public as well...

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Literary Relations

Jane Spencer.

October 2005; published online September 2007.

Book. Subjects: Literary Theory and Cultural Studies. 280 pages.

This book argues that kinship relations between writers, both literal and figurative, played a central part in the creation of a national tradition of English literature in the years...

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Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds

Edited by Lorna Hardwick and Carol Gillespie.

October 2007; published online February 2010.

Book. Subjects: Classical History. 440 pages.

Classical material was traditionally used to express colonial authority, but it was also appropriated by imperial subjects to become first a means of challenging colonialism, and then a...

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Homer in the Twentieth Century

Edited by Barbara Graziosi and Emily Greenwood.

June 2007; published online January 2010.

Book. Subjects: Classical Literature. 336 pages.

The 20th century saw many contrasting approaches to Homer. On the one hand, Homer was often seen as the father of the western literary canon, the first author in a genealogy that included...

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