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Europe enlarged

Edited by Irena Kogan, Michael Gebel and Clemens Noelke.

July 2008; published online March 2012.

Book. 408 pages.

The expansion of the European Union (EU) has put an end to the East-West division of Europe. At the same time it has increased the cultural heterogeneity, social disparities and economic...

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Exploring concepts of child well-being

Nick Axford.

March 2008; published online March 2012.

Book. 272 pages.

Policy reforms to children's services in the UK and elsewhere encourage a greater focus on outcomes defined in terms of child well-being. Yet for this to happen, we need not only a better...

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The politics of parental leave policies

Edited by Sheila Kamerman and Peter Moss.

January 2011; published online March 2012.

Book. 296 pages.

With the growth of parental employment, leave policy is at the centre of welfare state development and at the heart of countries' child and family policies. It is widely recognised as an...

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People with intellectual disabilities

Kelley Johnson.

September 2010; published online March 2012.

Book. 204 pages.

What does it mean to live a good life? Why has it proved so difficult for people with intellectual disabilities to live one? What happens when we make a good life the centre of our...

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Community and ageing

Simon Evans.

September 2009; published online March 2012.

Book. 168 pages.

Specialist forms of housing with care are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, largely as a result of the ageing of the population and the relative wealth of the latest...

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Traffic jam

Edited by Iain Docherty and Jon Shaw.

October 2008; published online March 2012.

Book. 272 pages.

This book offers a timely analysis of the UK government's sustainable – or subsequently ‘integrated’ – transport policy ten years after the publication of ‘A New Deal for Transport: Better...

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Teenage pregnancy

Lisa Arai.

July 2009; published online March 2012.

Book. 192 pages.

In the last decades of the 20th century, successive British governments have regarded adolescent pregnancy and childbearing as a significant public health and social problem. Youthful...

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Social Policy Review 20

Edited by Tony Maltby, Patricia Kennett and Kirstein Rummery.

June 2008; published online March 2012.

Book. 320 pages.

This book provides anyone interested in welfare issues with critical analyses of progress and change in areas of major interest during the past year. Contributions reflect key themes in the...

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Welfare and well-being

Bill Jordan.

September 2008; published online March 2012.

Book. 288 pages.

Research on well-being reveals the significance of personal relationships, trust and participation to sustain quality of life, yet it is the economic model that remains the dominant basis...

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DIY Community Action

Liz Richardson.

March 2008; published online March 2012.

Book. 304 pages.

How people can be persuaded to take more control of their own lives continues to be a subject of policy and academic debate, and the contribution of active citizens to improving societal...

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