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Atlas of the World's Religions

Frederick Denny.

November 2007; published online November 2007.

Book. Subjects: society and culture; Islam. 20 pages.

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Emergence of Higher Cognitive Functions

Pedro M. Paz-Alonso, Silvia A. Bunge and Simona Ghetti.

Published online July 2014.

Article. Subjects: cognitive psychology; neuropsychology; cognitive neuroscience; developmental psychology. 9988 words.

In the present chapter, we first provide an overview of neurodevelopmental changes in brain structure and function, which have implications for the development of higher cognitive functions...

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Campus Crime

John J. Sloan and Bonnie S. Fisher.

Published online July 2014.

Article. Subjects: criminology and criminal justice. 8711 words.

Although crime on college and university campuses in the United States has existed since their founding and despite available data, unanswered questions remain about the scope and nature of...

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The Appeal of the Crime Genre

Gray Cavender and Nancy C. Jurik.

Published online July 2014.

Article. Subjects: theories of crime. 8614 words.

This chapter provides an overview of the longevity and popular appeal of the crime genre and its relevance to the field of criminology. In our discussion we include such media as novels,...

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Exercise for Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Kristin L. Szuhany, Jasper A.J. Smits, Gordon J. G. Asmundson and Michael W. Otto.

Published online September 2014.

Article. Subjects: health psychology. 7515 words.

Mood and anxiety disorders represent the most common psychiatric conditions in the United States. Psychological and pharmacological treatments are the most commonly utilized interventions...

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Youth and Crime in Sweden

David Shannon, Olof Bäckman, Felipe Estrada and Anders Nilsson.

Published online July 2014.

Article. Subjects: youth violence and juvenile justice; international and comparative criminology. 9213 words.

This chapter describes trends in crime among Swedish youth on the basis of both official statistics and alternative indicators, noting a decline over time both in the general level of youth...

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Overview page. Subjects: literary studies (early and medieval).

The wicked counsellor of King David, who incited Absolon (1) to rebel against his father (2 Sam. 15–17), cited as a famous traitor in The Book of the Duchess (1118).


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Friedrich Achleitner

Overview page. Subjects: literature.

(Schalchen, Austria, 1930– ),

collaborated as a member of the Wiener Gruppe with H. C. Artmann and G. Rühm in the avant-garde volume of dialect poems hosn, rosn, baa (1959). A ...


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Overview page. Subjects: medicine and health.

n. absence of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Achlorhydria that persists despite large doses of histamine is associated with atrophy of the lining (mucosa) of the stomach. In...

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Overview page. Subjects: literature.


Settlement 3 m. W of Lochinver in Scotland's highland region. Norman MacCaig spent holidays in a cottage here and in many lyrical and witty poems...

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