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Atlas of the World's Religions

Frederick Denny.

November 2007; published online November 2007.

Book. Subjects: society and culture; Islam. 20 pages.

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Overview page. Subjects: literary studies (early and medieval).

The wicked counsellor of King David, who incited Absolon (1) to rebel against his father (2 Sam. 15–17), cited as a famous traitor in The Book of the Duchess (1118).


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Friedrich Achleitner

Overview page. Subjects: literature.

(Schalchen, Austria, 1930– ),

collaborated as a member of the Wiener Gruppe with H. C. Artmann and G. Rühm in the avant-garde volume of dialect poems hosn, rosn, baa (1959). A ...


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Overview page. Subjects: literature.


Settlement 3 m. W of Lochinver in Scotland's highland region. Norman MacCaig spent holidays in a cottage here and in many lyrical and witty poems...

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Achmet Ben Sirin

Overview page. Subjects: medieval and Renaissance history (500 to 1500).

(᾽Αχμὲτ ὁ υἱὸς Σηρείμ), author of the longest and most important Byz. tract on Dreams.

Achmet is the pseudonym of a Christian Greek who used in his oneirokritikon widely divergent...

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Overview page. Subjects: biblical studies.

The valley in which Achan was stoned (Josh. 7: 25–6); the name in Hebrew = ‘trouble’. But Hosea (2: 15) prophesies that after deplorable apostasies the Lord will woo Israel back to its...

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Kad Achouri

Overview page. Subjects: music.

B. 1969, Mazamet, Tarn, France. Achouri took a very early interest in music although for some years he was also a very good tennis player with international promise. However, he ...

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Overview page. Subjects: Indian music.

(b. Delhi, c. 1780; d. ?, c. 1854)

Vocalist of the durbar of the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar (r. 1827–57). His real name is mentioned in different sources as Mir Sadiq...

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Overview page. Subjects: Indian music.

Sanskrit term, meaning a teacher, preceptor, or a spiritual guide. Originally it meant a teacher of the Vedas, a spiritual guide, and so forth. In the modern times, the term ...

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Achaean Confederacy

Overview page. Subjects: classical studies.

Federal organization developed by the twelve Achaean cities united in cult of Zeus. First mentioned in 453 bc as Athenian allies, Achaea's independence was guaranteed in 446 (Thirty Years...

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