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Ache-Chamic Languages

Overview page. Subjects: linguistics.

A branch of Western Malayo-Polynesian. They are spoken in Sumatra, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and China.LANGUAGE LISTAceh: also called Atjeh, Atjehnese, Achinese, Achehnese....

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P. H. Matthews.

April 2003; published online September 2013.

Book. Subjects: linguistics. 144 pages.

Linguistics: A Very Short Introduction considers a subject that falls in the gap between arts and science, on the edges of which fascinating discoveries and important problems are found....

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Writing and Script

Andrew Robinson.

August 2009; published online September 2013.

Book. Subjects: writing systems. 176 pages.

Writing and Script: A Very Short Introduction explains how early forms of writing developed into hundreds of scripts including the Roman alphabet and Chinese characters. Without writing,...

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Stephen Anderson.

June 2012; published online September 2013.

Book. Subjects: languages by region. 152 pages.

Languages: A Very Short Introduction addresses questions such as: How many languages are there? What differentiates one language from another? Are new languages still being discovered? Why...

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John Edwards.

July 2013; published online September 2013.

Book. Subjects: sociolinguistics. 160 pages.

Sociolinguistics: A Very Short Introduction deals with the social life of language: language in its sociocultural context. It draws from sociolinguistics, the sociology of language, and...

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Efficiency and Complexity in Grammars

John A. Hawkins.

November 2004; published online January 2010.

Book. Subjects: grammar, syntax and morphology. 324 pages.

This book addresses a question fundamental to any discussion of grammatical theory and grammatical variation: to what extent can principles of grammar be explained through language use? The...

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Forum for Modern Language Studies

January 2015; published online January 2015.

Journal. Subjects: literature; linguistics.

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Applied Linguistics

February 2015; published online August 2013.

Journal. Subjects: linguistics; language teaching theory and methods.

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Encyclopedia of Semiotics

Edited by Paul Bouissac.

January 1998; published online January 2007.

Book. Subjects: linguistics. 304 pages.469279 words.

The Encyclopedia of Semiotics is a comprehensive reference guide to concepts in semiotics, sign theory, and cultural studies. Three hundred entries by leading scholars in a...

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The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics

P. H. Matthews.

January 2014; published online January 2014.

Book. Subjects: linguistics. 3848 pages.190525 words.

Over 3,250 entries

The third edition of this dictionary is an authoritative and invaluable reference source covering every aspect of its wide-ranging field....

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