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Thomas Ryckman.

in The Reign of Relativity

February 2005; published online April 2005.

Chapter. Subjects: philosophy of science. 15815 words.

Mortiz Schlick’s article of this title was highly influential in convincing several generations of philosophers that GTR outrightly falsified any variety of Kantian epistemology. In fact,...

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A = B

in Abysmal

March 2007; published online March 2013.

Chapter. Subjects: metaphysics. 4675 words.

While old Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz held the logical principle of identity to be absolutely indemonstrable, and in that sense not primarily a logical but a metaphysical thesis, Bertrand...

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A “Crash” Course on Personal Racism

Lawrence Blum.

in Ethics at the Cinema

January 2011; published online January 2011.

Chapter. Subjects: moral philosophy. 11162 words.

The 2005 film Crash deals powerfully with personal racism. Its wide array of story lines raise issues of personal stereotyping, prejudice, racial humiliation, wielding of racial power, and...

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A “New” Principle of Aggregation

Larry S. Temkin.

in Rethinking the Good

January 2012; published online May 2012.

Chapter. Subjects: philosophy. 15736 words.

This chapter further explores problems about trade-offs by examining a “new” principle of aggregation: the Disperse Additional Burdens View—short for the more cumbersome Disperse Additional...

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A ‘Nudge’ for Public Health Ethics: Libertarian Paternalism as a Framework for Ethical Analysis of Public Health Interventions?

Jean-Frédérick Ménard.

in Public Health Ethics

November 2010; published online October 2010.

Journal Article. Subjects: philosophy of science; philosophy of biology; bioethics and medical ethics; medical ethics; public health. 6096 words.

Is it possible to interfere with individual decision-making while preserving freedom of choice? The purpose of this article is to assess whether ‘libertarian paternalism’, a set of...

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A ‘physical’ need: physicalism and the via negativa

Carl Gillett and D. Gene Witmer.

in Analysis

October 2001; published online October 2001.

Journal Article. Subjects: philosophy. 0 words.

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A. Betson

Overview page. Subjects: philosophy.

(fl. 1751)

A. Betson is known only by his sole publication, Miscellaneous Dissertations, Historical, Critical, and Moral, On the Origin and Antiquity of MASQUERADES … (1751). He is described on the...

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 A Bouquet of Scientific Values

Noretta Koertge.

in Scientific Values and Civic Virtues

July 2005; published online July 2005.

Chapter. Subjects: philosophy of science. 7911 words.

This chapter reviews the attempts of sociologists of science such as Parsons and Merton, and philosophers of science such as Kuhn, Lakatos, and Popper, to characterize the norms that guide...

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A. C. Ewing's First and Second Thoughts in Metaethics

Jonas Olson and Mark Timmons.

in Underivative Duty

February 2011; published online May 2011.

Chapter. Subjects: moral philosophy. 16358 words.

Metaethical non‐naturalism went from being a dominant theory at the turn of the nineteenth century to being an intellectual curiosity a few decades later. With regard to the mercurial...

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 A Coherent Common Sense View

Amie L. Thomasson.

in Ordinary Objects

October 2007; published online September 2007.

Chapter. Subjects: metaphysics. 4933 words.

This chapter begins by bringing out three common mistakes that lie behind the various arguments against ordinary objects discussed in this book. It goes on to suggest that all of these...

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