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Calendar and Community

Sacha Stern.

October 2001; published online November 2003.

Book. Subjects: Judaism. 250 pages.

Traces the development of the Jewish calendar—how months and years were reckoned—from its earliest descriptions in the second century b.c.e. until it reached, in the tenth century c.e., to...

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Rabbinic Interpretation of Scripture in the Mishnah

Alexander Samely.

January 2002; published online October 2011.

Book. Subjects: Judaism. 496 pages.

This book offers a description of early rabbinic hermeneutics (midrash) as it can be reconstructed from the Mishnah (3rd century CE). The argument is based on a survey of all passages of...

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Joseph Dan.

June 2007; published online September 2013.

Book. Subjects: Judaism. 144 pages.

Kabbalah: A Very Short Introduction looks at the history and character of the systems developed by adherents of the Kabbalah and examines the key ancient texts of this tradition, including...

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The Challenge of Received Tradition

Naomi Grunhaus.

December 2012; published online January 2013.

Book. Subjects: Judaism. 272 pages.

During the medieval period of intense Bible study, one of the most vexing problems facing Jewish interpreters of the Hebrew Bible was how to forge ahead using the new interpretive strategy...

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Holy War in Judaism

Reuven Firestone.

July 2012; published online September 2012.

Book. Subjects: Judaism. 384 pages.

Holy war, defined for this study as war authorized or even commanded by God, is a fundamental part of biblical religion and a core institution of the Hebrew Bible. Jews of antiquity engaged...

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Deuteronomy and the Judaean Diaspora

Ernest Nicholson.

January 2014; published online April 2014.

Book. Subjects: biblical studies; Judaism. 208 pages.

This book challenges the view, widely agreed since the nineteenth century, that Deuteronomy, at least in an original, shorter form, was the ‘book of the law’ which 2 Kings 22–3 describes as...

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Hastening Redemption

Arie Morgenstern.

July 2006; published online May 2006.

Book. Subjects: Judaism. 304 pages.

Offering a novel understanding of the origins of renewed Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel in modern times, this book situates that settlement in the context of Jewish messianism and...

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Jewish Babylonia between Persia and Roman Palestine

Richard Kalmin.

October 2006; published online September 2006.

Book. Subjects: Judaism. 304 pages.

The Babylonian Talmud was compiled in the 3rd through 6th centuries CE, by rabbis living under Sasanian Persian rule in the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. What kind of...

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A Question of Identity

Renee Levine Melammed.

October 2004; published online April 2005.

Book. Subjects: Judaism. 253 pages.

The riots of 1391 in Spain triggered a series of developments that would change the course of Jewish history as well as of Spanish history. Spanish society was not willing to accept the...

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Marked in Your Flesh

Leonard B. Glick.

July 2005; published online July 2005.

Book. Subjects: Judaism. 384 pages.

This book traces the history of male infant circumcision from its origins in ancient Judea, through centuries of Christian condemnation and Jewish defense, to its current role in American...

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