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The Oxford Handbook of International Human Rights Law

Edited by Dinah Shelton.

October 2013; published online December 2013.

Book. Subjects: Law. 1088 pages.

This volume explores the principle and history of international human rights law. It addresses questions regarding the sources of human rights, its historical and cultural origins and its...

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The Oxford Handbook of International Adjudication

Edited by Cesare P. R. Romano, Karen J. Alter and Chrisanthi Avgerou.

December 2013; published online February 2014.

Book. Subjects: Law. 1072 pages.

The Oxford Handbook of International Adjudication offers a comprehensive study into the development, proliferation, and functions of international adjudicative bodies. The...

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The Oxford Handbook of International Law in Armed Conflict

Edited by Andrew Clapham and Paola Gaeta.

March 2014; published online June 2014.

Book. Subjects: Law. 1008 pages.

The Handbook consists of 32 Chapters in seven parts. Part I provides the historical background and sets out some of the contemporary challenges. Part II considers the relevant sources of...

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The Oxford Handbook of the History of International Law

Edited by Bardo Fassbender and Anne Peters.

November 2012; published online December 2012.

Book. Subjects: Law. 1272 pages.

This Handbook represents a big step towards a global history of international law. First, it notes that the Eurocentric story of international law is incomplete since it ignores the...

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A Dictionary of Law

Edited by Jonathan Law.

January 2015; published online January 2015.

Book. Subjects: Law. 4706 pages.395708 words.

Over 4,700 entries

This best-selling dictionary is an authoritative and comprehensive source of jargon-free legal information. Its entries clearly define the...

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republication of will

Overview page. Subjects: Law.

The re-execution with proper formalities of an existing will, or of a codicil to it that contains some reference to the will, which has the effect of confirming that will. When republished,...

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responsible clinician

Overview page. Subjects: Law.

Under the Mental Health Act 1983, the clinician charged with overall responsibility for a patient who is subject to detention or a Community Treatment Order. Compare approved clinician.


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Restatements of the law

Overview page. Subjects: Law.

Restatements of the law are compendiums of legal doctrines on subjects such as torts, property, or foreign relations. The Restatements are authored by the American Law Institute (‘ALI’),...

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respondeat superior

Overview page. Subjects: Law.

[Latin: let the principal answer]

The doctrine by which an employer is responsible for certain wrongs committed by his employee in the course of his employment. See vicarious...

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restitutio in integrum

Overview page. Subjects: Law.


Restoration to the original position. See damages; rescission.

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