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Magic Universe: A Grand Tour of Modern Science

Nigel Calder.

January 2003; published online January 2009.

Book. Subjects: history of science and technology. 119 pages.298891 words.

‘The ideal compendium for non-scientists of any age’ Sunday Times

This is a marvellously engaging tour covering the whole of modern science,...

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The Encyclopedia of Underwater Life

Edited by Andrew Campbell and John Dawes.

January 2005; published online January 2007.

Book. Subjects: zoology and animal sciences. 51 pages.157385 words.

A breathtaking insight into underwater life, this Encyclopedia offers unrivalled coverage of the fish and aquatic invertebrates that inhabit our rivers, lakes, and oceans. It describes in...

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Overview page. Subjects: plant sciences and forestry.

(order Mycoplasmatales)

A family of Gram-negative, chemo-organotrophic bacteria that do not require the presence of sterols (see steroid) for growth. Cells are spherical,...

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Overview page. Subjects: astronomy and cosmology.

Rare stony meteorite lacking chondrules and with low nickel-iron content. It is more coarsely crystalline than a chondrite. Basaltic achondrites resemble terrestrial lavas.

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Overview page. Subjects: medicine and health — chemistry.

A form of dwarfism (chondrodystrophia fetalis) in which there is a failure of endochondral ossification caused by an autosomal dominant mutation in the gene for the fibroblast growth factor...

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Overview page. Subjects: plant sciences and forestry.

(family Sapotaceae)

A genus of plants that includes A. zapota (Manilkara zapota) which yields the delicious fruit chiku, or sapodilla plum, for which it is now widely cultivated,...

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Overview page. Subjects: psychology.

1 Without hue, or represented in black, white, and grey. An achromatic colour, also called a neutral grey or neutral colour, is a mixture of black and white without any chroma...

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Overview page. Subjects: chemistry.

abbr. for acetyl cholinesterase.

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achromatic interval

Overview page. Subjects: psychology.

For light of a particular hue, the range of light intensities from its absolute threshold to the lowest intensity at which its hue can be detected; analogously, for a pure tone of a...

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achromatic line

Overview page. Subjects: earth sciences and geography.

In the three-dimensional graph which plots quantities of the three additive primary colours contributing to pixels against each other, the line which runs at 45° to the axes. Pixels which...

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