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January 2013; published online December 2013.


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The Neuroscience of Tinnitus

Jos J. Eggermont.

May 2012; published online September 2012.

Book. 320 pages.

This book examines tinnitus from the viewpoint of a neuroscientist with a long background in translational research. Therefore the book focuses on the understanding of the mechanisms that...

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New Trends in the Physics and Mechanics of Biological Systems

Edited by Martine Ben Amar, Alain Goriely, Martin Michael Müller and Leticia Cugliandolo.

May 2011; published online September 2011.

Book. 384 pages.

In July 2009, many experts in the mathematical modelling of biological sciences gathered in Les Houches for a four-week summer school on the mechanics and physics of biological systems. The...

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Cognitive Biology

Gennaro Auletta.

July 2011; published online September 2011.

Book. 880 pages.

The book provides a new conceptual scaffold for further research in biology and cognition by introducing the new field of Cognitive Biology. It is a systems biology approach showing that...

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Exploring the Psychology of Interest

Paul J. Silvia.

April 2006; published online September 2007.

Book. 273 pages.

Psychologists have always been intrigued in interest, and modern research on interest can be found in nearly every area of the field: researchers studying emotions, cognition, development,...

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Memory and Emotion

Edited by Daniel Reisberg and Paula Hertel.

January 2004; published online March 2012.

Book. 428 pages.

Understanding the interplay between memory and emotion is crucial for the work of researchers in many arenas—clinicians, psychologists interested in ...

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The Synaptic Organization of the Brain

Edited by Gordon M. Shepherd.

January 2004; published online May 2009.

Book. 736 pages.

Synapses are the contact sites that enable neurons to form connections between each other in order to transmit and process neural information. Synaptic organization is concerned with the...

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Why Language Matters for Theory of Mind

Edited by Janet Wilde Astington and Jodie A. Baird.

April 2005; published online March 2012.

Book. 368 pages.

“Theory of mind” is the phrase researchers use to refer to children's understanding of people as mental beings, who have beliefs, desires, emotions, and intentions, and whose actions and...

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Homophobic Bullying

Ian Rivers.

January 2011; published online May 2011.

Book. 248 pages.

This book provides a review of key studies that have shaped the way we view homophobia in educational contexts. Using theories and ideas drawn from various disciplines, the book...

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