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Ali Rattansi.

March 2007; published online September 2013.

Book. Subjects: race and ethnicity. 208 pages.

Racism: A Very Short Introduction incorporates the latest research to demystify the subject and to explore its history, science, and culture. But what actually is race? How has racism come...

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Edited by Janeen Baxter.

Published online July 2011.

Research Guide. Subjects: sociology; comparative and historical sociology; economic sociology; gender and sexuality; health, illness, and medicine; population and demography; race and ethnicity; social movements and social change; social stratification, inequality, and mobility; social theory.

Made up of a rapidly expanding range of articles written by distinguished international scholars, this dynamic, continuously updated online resource offers exclusive authoritative research...

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Street capital

Sveinung Sandberg.

April 2011; published online March 2012.

Book. Subjects: race and ethnicity. 200 pages.

This book introduces the worlds of young black men dealing cannabis at a drug scene called The River in Oslo, Norway. The lives of these men are structured by a huge and complex cannabis...

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'Sleepwalking to segregation'?

Nissa Finney.

January 2009; published online March 2012.

Book. Subjects: race and ethnicity. 224 pages.

In the context of renewed debates about diversity and cohesion, this book interrogates contemporary claims about race and migration. It demonstrates that many of the claims are myths,...

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Gypsies and Travellers

Edited by Joanna Richardson and A. Ka Tat Tsang.

September 2012; published online May 2013.

Book. Subjects: race and ethnicity. 224 pages.

The eviction at Dale Farm in the UK in 2011 brought the conflicting issues relating to Gypsy and Traveller accommodation to the attention of the world's media. However, as the furore...

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Ethnicity, class and aspiration

Tim Butler.

February 2011; published online March 2012.

Book. Subjects: race and ethnicity. 280 pages.

East London has undergone dramatic changes over the last 30 years, primarily as a result of London's large-scale de-industrialisation and the rise in its financial sector. Large parts of...

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Explaining ethnic differences

Edited by David Mason.

July 2003; published online March 2012.

Book. Subjects: race and ethnicity. 192 pages.

This book focuses on the changing terrain of ethnic disadvantage in Britain, drawing on up-to-date sources. It goes further than texts that merely describe ethnic inequalities to explore...

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Obama and the Biracial Factor

Edited by Andrew Jolivette.

February 2012; published online September 2012.

Book. Subjects: race and ethnicity. 256 pages.

Obama and the Biracial Factor is the first book to explore the significance of mixed-race identity as a key factor in the election of President Obama and examines the...

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Shifting Ethnic Boundaries and Inequality in Israel

Aziza Khazzoom.

March 2008; published online June 2013.

Book. Subjects: race and ethnicity. 360 pages.

Why do racial and ethnic groups discriminate against each other? The most common sociological answer is that they want to monopolize scarce resources—good jobs or top educations—for...

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The Black Child-Savers

Geoff K. Ward.

June 2012; published online February 2013.

Book. Subjects: race and ethnicity. 344 pages.

During the Progressive Era, a rehabilitative agenda took hold of American juvenile justice, materializing as a citizen-and-state-building project and mirroring the unequal racial politics...

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