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‘A Jekyll in the classroom, a Hyde in the street’: Queen Victoria’s hooligans

Geoffrey Pearson.

in Securing respect

April 2009; published online March 2012.

Chapter. 12354 words.

This chapter discusses respect and behaviour within the perspective of the streets of London. It traces Old England and Victorian values from narratives and accounts that illustrate the...

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‘A narrow, punitive and harshly restrictive experience’:

Ian Butler and Mark Drakeford.

in Scandal, social policy and social welfare

July 2005; published online March 2012.

Chapter. 10305 words.

In Britain, the residential scandals of the last ten years, or indeed of the last 150, have provided windows onto the relatively closed world of the child in public care, sometimes, no...

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Abbreviated and Targeted Geriatric Assessment

James Lubben.

in Handbook of Social Work in Health and Aging

March 2006; published online April 2010.

Chapter. 4366 words.

This chapter makes a case for the development of valid and reliable short measures for geriatric social work practice. These abbreviated measures, defined as having no more than 10 items,...

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ABC Learning and Australian early education and care: a retrospective ethical audit of a radical experiment

Jennifer Sumsion.

in Childcare markets

June 2012; published online January 2013.

Chapter. 6209 words.

This chapter revisits the use of an ethical audit framework developed by Sumsion to scaffold a preliminary mapping and analysis of some of the economic, social and political issues that...

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Aboriginal Women and Political Pursuit in Canadian Sentencing Circles

Rashmi Goel.

in Restorative Justice and Violence Against Women

October 2009; published online February 2010.

Chapter. 8090 words.

This chapter addresses Canadian sentencing circles in domestic violence situations. It is argued that Aboriginal communities expect sentencing circles to serve certain political goals in...

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Abraham Epstein

Overview page. Subjects: social work.

(1892–1942) Abraham Epstein, a Russian immigrant who came to the United States in 1910, was a leader in the post-World War I movement for passage of social security legislation. A graduate of the...

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Abraham Flexner

Overview page. Subjects: social work.

(1866–1959) Abraham Flexner was an educator and educational reformer who influenced social work through his challenge to the professional status of the field. Of immigrant background, Flexner...

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The absence of society

Zygmunt Bauman.

in Contemporary social evils

June 2009; published online March 2012.

Chapter. 4354 words.

This chapter reports the most disturbing aspect of contemporary social problems. They stem from an absence or withdrawal of society, rather than its pressures. Concern with the way the...

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Academic Engagement of Black Male Student Athletes

Eddie Comeaux.

in Social Work With African American Males

June 2010; published online September 2010.

Chapter. 3904 words.

Drawing from a larger project that explores racial differences in student athletes' academic integration patterns on campus, this chapter ascertains the effect of specific forms of student...

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Access Challenges to Service Delivery

Melvin Delgado.

in Social Work with Latinos

August 2006; published online January 2009.

Chapter. 6139 words.

This chapter discusses how service access has been conceptualized over an extended period of time, and offers a variety of frameworks from which to develop a better understanding of...

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