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Criminalisation and advanced marginality

Edited by Peter Squires and John Lea.

May 2012; published online January 2013.

Book. 280 pages.

This book represents the first full-length critical and interdisciplinary assessment of Loïc Wacquant's work in English. Wacquant's challenging critique of the neo-liberal government of...

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Policing at the Top

Bryn Caless.

September 2011; published online May 2012.

Book. 288 pages.

The world of the chief police officer is not clearly understood, even by those within policing, or by those who have formal and political oversight of police command. The police themselves...

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Youth participation in Europe

Edited by Patricia Loncle, Gerrit Jackson and Virginie Muniglia.

October 2012; published online May 2013.

Book. 280 pages.

In a period where social unrest manifests itself through the coincidence with young people's dissatisfaction with formal political involvement and the diversification of protest movements...

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Risk and rehabilitation

Edited by Aaron Pycroft and John McKeane.

October 2012; published online May 2013.

Book. 216 pages.

The rise in a dominant risk paradigm focusing on public protection in criminal justice has seen the increased use of coercion to access treatment for people with substance misuse and mental...

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Simon Harding.

August 2012; published online May 2013.

Book. 208 pages.

This is the first book in the UK or US to set on record the recent cultural phenomenon of the use of certain dog breeds - both legal and illegal - to ‘convey status’ upon their owners. Such...

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Changing Adolescence

Edited by Ann Hagell.

March 2012; published online September 2012.

Book. 256 pages.

The general well-being of British adolescents has been the topic of considerable debate in recent years, but too often this is based on myth rather than fact. Are today's young people more...

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Social Policy Review 24

Edited by Majella Kilkey and Gaby Ramia.

June 2012; published online January 2013.

Book. 304 pages.

This edition of Social Policy Review marks the 40th anniversary of a publication from the UK Social Policy Association devoted to presenting an up-to-date and diverse review of the best in...

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Youth and community empowerment in Europe

Peter Evans and Angelika Krüger.

September 2012; published online May 2013.

Book. 176 pages.

The current economic crisis with its gloomy implications for lost generations leaves many disadvantaged young people with ever diminishing opportunities. Violent youth protests in many...

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Cross-Cultural Research

Jorge Delva, Paula Allen-Meares and Sandra L. Momper.

March 2010; published online May 2010.

Book. 192 pages.

The purpose of the book is to provide researchers with a framework to conduct research in a culturally sensitive manner with individuals, families, and communities in diverse cultural...

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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Edited by Cynthia Franklin, Terry S. Trepper, Eric E. McCollum and Wallace J. Gingerich.

August 2011; published online September 2011.

Book. 448 pages.

Therapy is frequently miscast as requiring an enormous amount of time and financial commitment, but helpful, goal-oriented therapy can produce positive results after only a few sessions....

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