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Crystal Structure Refinement

Peter Müller, Regine Herbst-Irmer, Anthony L. Spek, Thomas R. Schneider and Michael R. Sawaya.

July 2006; published online September 2010.

Book. 232 pages.

This book covers advanced aspects of practical crystal structure refinement, focusing on practical problems in the everyday life of a crystallographer. After an introduction to SHELXL in...

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Incommensurate Crystallography

Sander van Smaalen.

June 2007; published online January 2008.

Book. 288 pages.

Aperiodic crystals are crystalline materials with atomic structures that lack translational symmetry. This book gives a comprehensive account of the superspace theory for the description of...

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Crystallography of the Polymethylene Chain

Douglas L. Dorset.

December 2004; published online September 2007.

Book. 244 pages.

This book describes the solid state behaviour of organic materials based the polymethylene chain, i.e., the functional molecular component of polyethylenes, soaps, detergents, edible fats,...

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Symmetry of Crystals and Molecules

Mark Ladd.

February 2014; published online April 2014.

Book. 464 pages.

This book provides a comprehensive study of the symmetry and geometry of crystals and molecules, starting from first principles. The pre-knowledge assumed is mathematics and physical...

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Crystal Structure Analysis

Edited by William Clegg, Alexander J Blake, Jacqueline M Cole, John S O Evans, Peter Main, Simon Parsons and David J Watkin.

June 2009; published online September 2009.

Book. 408 pages.

This book presents a less mathematical approach to X-ray crystal structure determination than is given in some detailed texts and concentrates on practical aspects. The book provides the...

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Diffuse Scattering and Defect Structure Simulations

Reinhard B. Neder and Thomas Proffen.

July 2008; published online September 2008.

Book. 240 pages.

In recent years it has become apparent that merely knowing and understanding the average atomic structure is insufficient for comprehending material properties fully. Deviations from this...

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Polymorphism in Molecular Crystals

Joel Bernstein.

December 2007; published online January 2010.

Book. 424 pages.

Polymorphism — the multiplicity of structures or forms — is a term used in many disciplines. In chemistry, it refers to the existence of more than one crystal structure for a particular...

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constitutive gene

Overview page.

Genes that are expressed following interaction between a promoter and RNA polymerase without additional regulation. Also known as housekeeping genes, they are expressed in virtually all...

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Those parts of a text preceding and following any particular passage, giving it a meaning fuller or more identifiable than if it were read in isolation. The context of any statement may be...

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context effect

Overview page.

Any influence of surrounding objects, events, or information on an organism's response to a stimulus (1), especially on perception and cognition. See also adaptation-level theory,...

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