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chain store

Overview page. Subjects: History of the Americas — Marketing.

Multiple outlets that are commonly owned and controlled, have central buying and merchandising, and sell similar lines of merchandise. The most common type is the corporate chain store that...

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department stores

Overview page. Subjects: Regional and National History — Marketing.

A retail organization that carries a wide variety of products – typically clothing, home furnishings, and household goods; each department is managed by specialist buyers or merchandisers....

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Overview page. Subjects: Marketing — History of the Americas.

A large-scale venue for the demonstration of goods and services from numerous producers usually brought together around a single theme or industry. These are an effective part of the...

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mass marketing

Overview page. Subjects: United States History — Marketing.

Marketing in which the same product, price, promotion, and distribution is used for all consumers in a particular market.

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Rupert Murdoch

Overview page. Subjects: Marketing — Contemporary History (Post 1945).

(1931– )

US publisher and media entrepreneur, born in Australia; founder and head of the News International Communications empire.

Murdoch was born in Melbourne, the son...

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