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Overview page. Subjects: Theatre — Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art — Religious Studies — Indian Music — Hinduism.


Greatest of the Kashmiri Śaiva theologians. His works deal with the theoretical, yogic, and ritual

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Overview page. Subjects: Theatre — Indian Music — Hinduism — Religious Studies.

1 A term widely applied to Vaiṣṇavas (i.e. devotees of Viṣṇu and Kṛṣṇa) of all traditions.

2 The name

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Bharata Muni

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre — Hinduism — Indian Music.

The name of the legendary sage and mythical first ‘actor’ to whom ‘The Drama Manual’ (Nāṭyaśāstra) is ascribed.

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Overview page. Subjects: Theatre — Hinduism.

(early: c.4th cent. ce?).

Hindu dramatist. His works were lost until 1912, when thirteen plays attributed to him were published, including the admired Svapna-vāsavadatta.

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Overview page. Subjects: Theatre — Hinduism.

(c.700 ce)

An outstanding Sanskrit poet and dramatist, three of whose works survive: Mālatīmādhava, Mahāviracarita, and Uttararāmacarita, the latter two based on parts of the...

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Chingiz Aitmatov

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre — Islam.

(b. Sheker, Soviet Khirgizia, 12 Dec. 1928)

Author of novels, short stories, film scripts and plays. His most famous play, written with Kaltai Mukhamedzhanov, is Voskhozhdenie na...

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Henri Ghéon

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity — Theatre.


French Catholic writer. He tried to build up a Christian theatre, producing his own plays and working with a company of young RCs which he founded in 1924. Many of...

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JONES, Haydn Harold (1920 - 2002), Bishop of Venezuela, 1976–86; actor in films, television soap operas and commercials, for Venezuelan and international film companies, 1985–98

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Reference Entry. Subjects: Social and Cultural History; Performing Arts; Theatre; History of Religion; Religion; Christian Churches and Denominations. 153 words.

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Overview page. Subjects: Theatre — Religious Studies — Hinduism — Theatre — Indian Music.

(c.4th–5th century ce)

Widely considered the greatest Sanskrit dramatist and poet. He almost certainly lived in northern

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Overview page. Subjects: Religion — Theatre.

A city in Japan known for the quantity of famous old Buddhist temples and monuments. During the Heian period, it was the capital city (called Heian at the time), and remained the centre of...

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