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Collective Action Clauses for the Eurozone

Michael Bradley and Mitu Gulati.

in Review of Finance

October 2014; p ublished online December 2013 .

Journal Article. Subjects: National Budget, Deficit, and Debt; International Financial Markets; Economics; Contract Law; International Finance. 19942 words.

One of the primary policy initiatives instituted in response to the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis is a requirement that all Eurozone sovereign bonds issued after January 1 2013 include...

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Holdouts in Sovereign Debt Restructuring: A Theory of Negotiation in a Weak Contractual Environment

Rohan Pitchford and Mark L. J. Wright.

in The Review of Economic Studies

April 2012; p ublished online November 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Contract Law; International Law; Production and Organizations; International Finance; Analysis of Collective Decision-making. 13392 words.

Why is it difficult to restructure sovereign debt in a timely manner? In this paper, we present a theory of the sovereign debt-restructuring process in which delay arises as individual...

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