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Of Tastes and Values

Guido Calabresi.

in American Law and Economics Review

December 2014; p ublished online September 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: General Economics; History of Economic Thought (to 1925); History of Economic Thought (1925 onwards); Economic Methodology; Microeconomics; Production and Organizations; Welfare Economics; Analysis of Collective Decision-making; Taxation, Subsidies, and Revenue; Publicly Provided Goods; Economics of Health; Education and Research Institutions; Law and Economics; Tort Law; Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise; Capitalist Systems; Economic Sociology. 8249 words.

This lecture was delivered by Judge Calabresi upon receiving the Ronald H. Coase Medal at the Annual Meeting of the American Law and Economic Association at Stanford Law School on May 18,...

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Solving the Volunteer's Dilemma: The Efficiency of Rewards Versus Punishments

Shmuel Leshem and Avraham Tabbach.

in American Law and Economics Review

April 2016; p ublished online November 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Analysis of Collective Decision-making; Tort Law. 10743 words.

This paper studies a class of second-best solutions to the Volunteer's Dilemma. We consider a game in which each one of [math] players must simultaneously choose whether to incur a cost and...

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