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Overview page. Subjects: Chemistry — Biblical Studies.

The first letter of the Greek alphabet (A, α), transliterated as ‘a’. The phrase alpha and omega ‘the beginning and the end’ (omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, as alpha is the...

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altered state of consciousness

Overview page. Subjects: Religion — Psychology.

Any abnormal form of consciousness, including derealization, depersonalization, hypnosis, oceanic feeling, peak experience, or intoxication with a hallucinogen or euphoriant drug. ASC...

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Overview page. Subjects: Judaism and Jewish Studies — Environmental Science.

The period before the Biblical flood (described in Genesis, Chapter 7).

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Overview page. Subjects: Religion — Science and Mathematics.

The representation of Gods, or nature, or non-human animals, as having human form, or as having human thoughts and intentions. Sometimes this is avowedly metaphorical, the problem being to...

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Overview page. Subjects: Psychology — Christianity.

The spiritualistic and mystical doctrine of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925), emphasizing the educational and psychological value of creative activities, such as the...

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Overview page. Subjects: Environmental Science — Religion.

1 The mineral content of a product that remains after complete combustion, which consists mainly of minerals in oxidized form. See also fly ash.

2 Volcani...

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Overview page. Subjects: Hinduism — Plant Sciences and Forestry.

An evergreen tree (Saraca indica) with a spectacular red flower. Sacred to Śiva, it is associated with chastity, and is said to bloom if kicked by a pure girl.

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The Association of Communitarian Health Services (ASECSA) and the Role of Religion and Health in Central America

Susan Fitzpatrick-Behrens.

in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History

P ublished online August 2016 .

Article. Subjects: Latin American History; History of Religion; History of Science and Technology. 8945 words.

The Association of Communitarian Health Services (ASECSA) is a transnational, religiously influenced health program in Central America created during the Cold War. ASECSA was founded in...

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Overview page. Subjects: Astronomy and Astrophysics — Religion.


n. a person who is trained to travel in a spacecraft.

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The background

in Galileo

February 2001; p ublished online September 2013 .

Chapter. Subjects: Christianity; History of Science and Technology; Astronomy and Astrophysics. 4545 words.

‘The background’ gives an explanation of the prevailing scientific doctrine in the time of Galileo. Aristotelian philosophy was the basis of University education from the thirteenth...

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