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Overview page. Subjects: Meteorology and Climatology — History of the Americas.

Often taken as the type of a fragile and ephemeral creature (as in break of Chancery).

butterfly effect the effect of a very small change in the initial conditions of a system...

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global city

Overview page. Subjects: United States History — Earth Sciences and Geography.

A central location for the leading industries of globalization; specifically financial and specialist business services, with their own forms of production as ‘control centres’ of the world...

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historical geography

Overview page. Subjects: Australasian and Pacific History — Earth Sciences and Geography.

The study of past human geographies; of past landscapes; ‘geographic perspectives on the past’ (Historical Geography website). ‘The study of the organization of space in the…context of...

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Overview page. Subjects: Earth Sciences and Geography — Regional and National History.

An area of poor housing, characterized by multi-occupance and overcrowding; see McFarlane (2008) Env. & Plan. A 40, 1 on sanitation in Mumbai's informal settlements. Rao (2006) Int. J. Urb....

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