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“A New Dawn has Broken has it Not?” New Labour and the European Union

Stephen Wall.

in A Stranger in Europe

April 2008; p ublished online October 2011 .

Chapter. Subjects: European Union. 11925 words.

Tony Blair was elected to the House of Commons in 1983 at a time when the Labour Party was committed to withdrawal from the European Community (EC). Following the defeat of 1983 and the...

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Abuses of Asymmetry: Privilege and Exclusion

Peter Leslie.

in European Integration After Amsterdam

March 2000; p ublished online November 2003 .

Chapter. Subjects: European Union. 12662 words.

Differentiated integration, e.g. arising out of the flexibility provisions of the Amsterdam Treaty, is a special instance of functional asymmetry within compound political systems such as...

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Andreas Dür and Gemma Mateo.

in Insiders versus Outsiders

July 2016; p ublished online August 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: European Union. 9631 words.

Gaining access to decision-makers is an important objective of interest groups. Not all groups, however, enjoy equal access. Some have continuous access to decision-makers in different...

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Myrto Tsakatika.

in Political Responsibility and the European Union

October 2008; p ublished online July 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: European Union. 11273 words.

This chapter examines accountability as a sub-practice of EU governance. It first distinguishes between political and other forms of accountability, then tries to spell out the basic...

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Accounting for Schengen: Cultures of Border Control and Their Evolution

in Cultures of Border Control

April 2011; p ublished online March 2013 .

Chapter. Subjects: European Union. 9223 words.

This chapter reviews the main tenets of the three cultures of border control that define the European case (“Westphalia,” “Schengen,” and “Brussels”). It also discusses the concept of...

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Accounting for varying electoral fortunes

Elisabeth Carter.

in The Extreme Right in Western Europe

April 2011; p ublished online July 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: European Union. 6802 words.

This chapter establishes the extent to which the four sets of explanations of electoral fortunes may account for the performance of right-wing extremist parties in Western Europe. It is...

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The Accounting Standards Regime

Shawn Donnelly.

in The Regimes of European Integration

July 2010; p ublished online September 2010 .

Chapter. Subjects: European Union. 7123 words.

This chapter shows how the EU decided to adopt International Accounting Standards (IAS) from the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) as official EU reporting standards, after...

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The Achilles Heel of Post-War European Integration

Kenneth Dyson.

in States, Debt, and Power

June 2014; p ublished online August 2014 .

Chapter. Subjects: European Union. 23317 words.

This chapter examines the formalization of creditor-debtor state relations in post-1945 Europe within the early framework of the Bretton Woods system. It looks in depth at the European...

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The Activation of Citizenship in Europe

Thomas Pfister.

November 2012; p ublished online January 2013 .

Book. Subjects: European Union. 256 pages.

This book illuminates the links between the currently dominant transnational discourse on what constitutes ‘modern’ social policy and contemporary concepts and practices of citizenship....

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The Active Leverage of the European Union

Milada Anna Vachudova.

in Europe Undivided

February 2005; p ublished online April 2005 .

Chapter. Subjects: European Union. 15224 words.

This chapter presents a theoretical framework for the EU’s active leverage, defined as the EU’s deliberate efforts to promote reform in candidate states moving towards EU membership. Active...

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