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Brooks, John Graham

James E. Mooney.

in American National Biography Online

January 1999; p ublished online February 2000 .

Reference Entry. Subjects: Social and Cultural History; Society and Culture; Sociology; Education; Manufacturing; History of Manufacturing and Construction. 1251 words.

Brooks, John Graham (19 July 1846–08 February 1938), reformer and sociologist, was born in Acworth, New Hampshire, the son of Chapin Kidder Brooks, a merchant, and Pamelia Graham. During...

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Christian Missionaries and Education in Former African Colonies: How Competition Mattered

Francisco A. Gallego and Robert Woodberry.

in Journal of African Economies

June 2010; p ublished online March 2010 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Economic Sociology; Economic History; Education and Research Institutions; Labour and Demographic Economics; Economic Development. 10719 words.

Using regional data for about 180 African provinces, we find that measures of Protestant missionary activity in the past are more correlated with schooling variables today than similar...

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Church and State: An Economic Analysis

Keith N. Hylton, Yulia Rodionova and Fei Deng.

in American Law and Economics Review

October 2011; p ublished online August 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Publicly Provided Goods; Economic Sociology; Microeconomics; Analysis of Collective Decision-making; Economic History; Law and Economics. 14015 words.

What purpose is served by a government’s protection of religious liberty? Many have been suggested, the most prominent of which center on the protection of freedom of belief and expression....

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Civil war, social capital and resilience in Uganda

Giacomo De Luca and Marijke Verpoorten.

in Oxford Economic Papers

July 2015; p ublished online May 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Economic History; Economic Sociology; Analysis of Collective Decision-making. 11163 words.

We show that armed conflict in Uganda affects social capital as measured by trust and associational membership. Relying on three rounds of nationally representative individual-level data...

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collective Action

Overview page. Subjects: Sociology — Economic History.

Action taken by a group (either directly or on its behalf through an organization) in pursuit of members’ perceived shared interests. It seems logical to expect that people who have an...

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On the origins of border effects: insights from the Habsburg Empire

Max-Stephan Schulze and Nikolaus Wolf.

in Journal of Economic Geography

January 2009; p ublished online October 2008 .

Journal Article. Subjects: International Trade; Economic Sociology; Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics; Growth and Fluctuations. 9194 words.

What are the origins of border effects on trade and why do borders continue to matter in periods of increasing economic integration? We explore the hypothesis that border effects emerged as...

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<i>Primus inter pares</i>? The French field of power and its power elite

François Denord, Paul Lagneau-Ymonet and Sylvain Thine.

in Socio-Economic Review

April 2018; p ublished online April 2018 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Economic History; Capitalist Systems; Economic Sociology. 11987 words.


The sociology of ‘elites’ usually identifies prominent persons and their connections. Instead, we construct a system of relations between the social...

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Trading for peace

Saumitra Jha.

in Economic Policy

July 2018; p ublished online July 2018 .

Journal Article. Subjects: International Trade; History of Financial Markets and Institutions; Economic Development; Economic Sociology. 18349 words.


I examine the conditions under which trade can support peaceful coexistence and prosperity when particular social and ethnic groups are cheap targets...

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Varieties of neoliberalism? Restructuring in large industrially dependent regions across Western and Eastern Europe

Kean Birch and Vlad Mykhnenko.

in Journal of Economic Geography

May 2009; p ublished online January 2009 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Economic Sociology; Urban, Rural, and Regional Economics; Economic Development; Regulation and Industrial Policy; Comparative Economic Systems; History of Manufacturing and Construction. 10006 words.

The recent travails of the European Constitution, now Reform Treaty, illustrate the divergence of views on European integration. To many commentators and academics, European integration has...

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