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The Politics of Actually Existing Unsustainability

John Barry.

February 2012; published online May 2012.

Book. 352 pages.

Going against both the naive techno-optimist of ‘greening business as usual’ and a resurgent ‘catastrophism’ within green thinking and politics, The Politics of Actually Existing...

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Climate Change and the Moral Agent

Elizabeth Cripps.

March 2013; published online May 2013.

Book. 272 pages.

Global climate change challenges standard theories of moral accountability. Many of us take it for granted that we ought to cooperate to tackle it, but where does this requirement come...

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Winds of Change

Ion Bogdan Vasi.

January 2011; published online January 2011.

Book. 264 pages.

This book brings social movements into the study of market formation and industry growth. It starts from the observation that while wind power stands out as a renewable energy success story...

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Atmospheric Justice

Steve Vanderheiden.

June 2008; published online May 2008.

Book. 304 pages.

When policies of or activities within one country and generation cause deleterious consequences for those of other nations and later generations, they can constitute serious injustices....

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Animal Rights

Edited by Cass R. Sunstein and Martha C. Nussbaum.

November 2005; published online March 2012.

Book. 352 pages.

This book explores the legal and political issues that underlie the campaign for animal rights and the opposition to it. Addressing ethical questions about ownership, protection against...

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Climate Governance at the Crossroads

Matthew J. Hoffmann.

March 2011; published online May 2011.

Book. 240 pages.

The global governance of climate change is in flux. Conventional strategies of addressing climate change through universal, interstate negotiations—the most prominent of which is the Kyoto...

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Defining Environmental Justice

David Schlosberg.

May 2007; published online September 2007.

Book. 256 pages.

The basic task of this book is to explore what, exactly, is meant by ‘justice’ in definitions of environmental and ecological justice. It examines how the term is used in both...

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Justice, Posterity, and the Environment

Wilfred Beckerman and Joanna Pasek.

May 2001; published online November 2003.

Book. 220 pages.

In rich countries, environmental problems are seen as problems of prosperity. In poor countries, they are seen as problems of poverty. This is because the environmental problems in poor...

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Environmental Justice and the New Pluralism

David Schlosberg.

August 2002; published online November 2003.

Book. 236 pages.

In this first ever theoretical treatment of the environmental justice movement, David Schlosberg demonstrates the development of a new form of ‘critical’ pluralism, in both theory and...

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Citizenship and the Environment

Andrew Dobson.

November 2003; published online April 2004.

Book. 238 pages.

Ecological citizenship cannot be fully articulated in either liberal or civic republican terms. It is, rather, an example and an inflection of ‘post‐cosmopolitan’ citizenship. Ecological...

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