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Affirmative Action Bans and the “Chilling Effect”

Kate L. Antonovics and Richard H. Sander.

in American Law and Economics Review

March 2013; p ublished online January 2013 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Demand and Supply of Labour; Demographic Economics; Education and Research Institutions; Employment and Labour Law; Labour Discrimination. 15685 words.

This paper examines whether California's Proposition 209, which led to the 1998 ban on the use of racial preferences in admissions at the University of California (UC) system, lowered the...

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Indigent Defense Counsel, Attorney Quality, and Defendant Outcomes

Michael A. Roach.

in American Law and Economics Review

December 2014; p ublished online May 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Criminal Law; Demand and Supply of Labour. 15024 words.

County governments typically provide legal defense services for the indigent through one of two methods: public defenders and assigned counsel. I measure differences in defendant outcomes...

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Rethinking legal taxonomies for the gig economy

Abi Adams, Judith Freedman and Jeremias Prassl.

in Oxford Review of Economic Policy

July 2018; p ublished online July 2018 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Employment and Labour Law; Tax Law; Taxation, Subsidies, and Revenue; Demand and Supply of Labour; Labour Standards: National and International. 9847 words.


Both tax law and employment law incentivize engagers of labour to structure their workforce as a crowd of self-employed micro-entrepreneurs. Recent...

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