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The subjects or followers of Cú Roí mac Dáiri. Much evidence suggests that Clann Dedad is another name for the Érainn, an important early non-Goidelic people of Ireland. In the Táin Bó Flidais [Cattle Raid of Flidais] the Clann Dedad are listed as one of the three warrior races of Ireland along with the Clann Rudraige (i.e. Ulaid) and the Gamanrad. D. Ó hÓgáin has suggested (1991) that the Dedad were fancifully associated with the Dee river in north-east Leinster, and thus the famous ford of the river, Áth Fhirdiad(h) [Ferdia's Ford] may be named for them instead of for the hero Ferdiad [Ir., man of Dedad (?)], thought to have been killed here by Cúchulainn, as reported in the Táin Bó Cuailnge [Cattle Raid of Cooley].

Subjects: Religion.

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