What's New

February 2013


The past few months have seen tremendous growth for the Oxford Index, as the underbar's smart linking technology is implemented across more and more resources. Check out the underbar on Oxford Scholarly Editions Online, for related links to secondary sources, or Oxford Reference, for links to in-depth analyses on a topic you're interested in. As we are still in the early stages of increasing connectivity across Oxford's academic content, the underbar will continue to undergo enhancements in response to feedback and suggestions. For a full list of the products with underbar functionality, or to learn more about how it works, visit our underbar walk-thru.

New Content 

The Oxford Index now searches the Oxford African American Studies Center - a compilation of more than 10,000 articles that focus on the lives and events which have shaped African American and African history and culture. With this new addition, sixteen Oxford resources are now searchable via the Index.


September 2012


A major milestone for the Oxford Index project, the underbar is now available on the newly relaunched Oxford Reference. A smart tool designed to guide and broaden your research, the underbar generates related content links in response to your search--all from a subtle window at the bottom of your browser.

These links are drawn from a wealth of Oxford's academic material. So a search for 'modernism' will not only produce a relevant reference entry, but also a research guide from Oxford Handbooks, a chapter within Oxford Scholarship Online, and more.

Over the next few months, the underbar will be integrated into the full suite of Oxford's online resources. Learn more about how the underbar can enhance your research journey by taking the underbar tour.

New Content 

The Oxford Index now searches Oxford Medicine Online - an interconnected collection of over 250 online medical resources which cover every stage in a medical career.

Overview Pages 

After a given search, you may see that the top result is shaded in gray. This is an Overview Page, an at-a-glance description of a single topic drawn from Oxford Reference quick reference entries. Just like Index Cards, which display key facts about a single resource, Overview Pages are free and Google-crawled. Search for "NASA" and you'll not only see results for thousands of books, journals, and articles--you'll instantly have access to a succinct, trusted topic overview.


June 2012


Now searching over a dozen Oxford products and nearly one million Index Cards, the Oxford Index has undergone a series of exciting enhancements. New content includes:

  • Oxford Bibliographies - exclusive, authoritative research guides across 30 different subject areas and counting
  • Who's Who and Who Was Who  - autobiographical entries for more than 130,000 persons noteworthy and influential in every area of public life
  • Benezit Dictionary of Artists - over 200,000 artist biographies (within Oxford Art Online)

New Functionality 

Potentially the most significant release to date in terms of new features, the Oxford Index now offers:

  • The Oxford Dictionaries Widget: Receive instant definitions in response to your searches or follow a link to the exact dictionary entry within Oxford Dictionaries
  • Find Your Library: Looking for resources your library doesn't subscribe to? View a list of local libraries and access their networks to filter results by full-text content based on a library's subscriptions
  • Language Options: Select English or Spanish as the site architecture language [Full site translation coming soon]


March 2012


With this release, the Oxford Index continues to expand with additional content and functionality enhancements.  New content now searchable via the Index, now containing over 750,000 Index Cards, includes:

New Functionality 

The March release of the Oxford Index also introduces a host of new functionality, including:

  • Indication of Full-text Access: easily identify (and filter search and browse results by) items to which you have full-text access, either through your library or personal subscription, and follow direct links into content
  • OpenURL: don't have direct full-text access? Search your library catalog for other formats or sources.
  • Prominent Library Branding: your institution's library logo is now displayed on every Index Card. Visit Institutional Customization for instructions on how to add your logo.


November 2011


Oxford University Press announces the beta release of the Oxford Index, a free discovery tool which provides, for the first time ever, a single search portal for trusted scholarship from Oxford University Press and our partners. Powered by robust metadata and a sophisticated taxonomy, the Oxford Index also enables you to discover the best related content – from journal articles to monographs - quickly and easily.

What's Inside?

The Oxford Index contains a cross-searchable set of nearly a quarter of a million “index cards,” each representing a single article, chapter, journal, or book. Index pages display key information (including abstracts and keywords) about an item, helping you to judge the relevance of that content to your research.

The initial release of Oxford Index Beta (November 2011) includes indexing of:

We invite you to explore Oxford Index Beta as it continues to evolve in response to feedback from users and researchers.  Each release will see the addition of hundreds of thousands of new scholarly articles, reference entries, and bibliographies, alongside further enhancements to site functionality.  We welcome your feedback as the Oxford Index service continues to evolve and expand. Please contact us at oxfordindex@oup.com with comments, questions, or suggestions.

For additional information, please visit About the Oxford Index; we invite you to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments by checking back often.