For Librarians

With an ever-increasing number of resources available both via your library and on the open web, how do you ensure your users are turning to authoritative, vetted sources when beginning their research?

For librarians, the Oxford Index is an invaluable tool to recommend to researchers of all levels. For the first time ever, users can cross-search books and journals from Oxford and our partners all in one place, thus bringing together content and unlocking discoveries and connections in a way never before possible. Driven by a powerful new taxonomy, the Oxford Index also creates a sophisticated web of smart-linking between over a quarter of a million of items of content.

Powered by Robust Metadata

The Oxford Index contains over 750,000 index cards, each representing a single piece of Oxford content. Index cards display key information (including abstracts and keywords) about an item, helping users judge the relevance of that content to their research. Powered behind the scenes by robust metadata and a standardized subject taxonomy, index cards provide a wealth of bibliographic data, and more:

  • Article/Chapter Title
  • Author(s)
  • Journal/Book Title
  • Journal/Book Cover Image
  • Society/Publisher Name
  • Editor(s)-in-Chief
  • Date of Publication (print and online)
  • DOI
  • Abstract
  • Keywords

Driving Usage

Countless studies have shown: the more discoverable your content is, the more likely it is to be used, thus providing a maximum return on your library’s investment. Freely-available abstracts within the Oxford Index make discovery of Oxford’s authoritative content via Google and the open web easier than ever before. Each article, chapter, book and journal’s Index Card also provides multiple links to full-text content, seamlessly directing users to your Oxford resources.

Even if you are not an Oxford subscriber, or only have a selection of Oxford products in your collection, the nearly one million free abstracts and keywords within the Index allow users to quickly identify content relevant to their research, and then provides them with all the information they need to easily locate the work – either in print via your library catalog or through another content provider.

And More to Come…

We’ll be continually expanding and improving the Oxford Index through 2013. Visit the About page to read about what enhancements you’ll see soon.

To learn more about the Oxford Index, please visit What’s New, take a guided tour, sign up to attend a live demonstration of the site, or see where we’ll be talking about the Oxford Index in person at an upcoming event.