Search, Results, and Refining

A search box appears on every page in the top right hand corner. You can search within only keywords, only title, only author, or across all of the metadata fields.

Enter a word or search term and click picture or press Enter. A search term with multiple words will be applied with the operator 'AND' eg if you enter the words military history, you'll get everything with both military and history in the metadata. If you're looking for the whole phrase, enter "military history".

Your search is summarized above the results list, showing you how many results you obtained and the search terms you used. You can use the x by each term to remove it, or the Clear all button to start again.

Results are listed in relevance order, but you can also choose to sort by title, author, or date of publication in print or online.

Each entry in the results list is a preview of the item's index card, and also contains links straight to the full text of that item. You may require a subscription to view the full text, but you will either be authenticated on arrival at the website or prompted to log in. If you don't currently have access, you'll reach the item's abstract or the website's homepage.

Refining your results

There are two ways of refining results. You can

  1. add another search term and Search within results
  2. use the Refine by options to the right of the results list. You can narrow down your results to only those matching a specific subject classification, content type, or online product.

Subject classifications

All content in the Oxford Index is classified by subject, and the taxonomy is expressed in a hierarchical tree with six top level categories (arts and humanities, general, law, medicine, science and technology, and social sciences). For any results, the subjects listed represent all the subjects covered by that set of results. You can navigate through those subjects and click to apply any term to your search.