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Benjamin Franklin

Overview page. Subjects: Literature.


Although Franklin's distinction rests on his work as a scientist and statesman, his homely moral and political philosophy, particularly as expounded in Poor Richard's...

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Constantin-François de Chassebœuf Volney

Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Modern History (1700 to 1945).

Comte de (1757–1820)

French historian, travel writer, and philosophe, author of Les Ruines, ou méditation sur les révolutions des empires (1791: Ruins, or Meditations on the...

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David Rittenhouse

Overview page. Subjects: Modern History (1700 to 1945).

(1732–1796), American instrument-maker, astronomer, and second president of the American Philosophical Society (1791–1796). Rittenhouse, “second to no astronomer living,” in Thomas...

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Junto Club

Overview page. Subjects: Literature.

(The Junto),

social and debating society, founded by Franklin at Philadelphia (1727), with a membership restricted to 12 of his friends, all workingmen. The club was first known as...

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Lewis and Clark Expedition

Overview page. Subjects: History — Warfare and Defence.


The most important transcontinental journey in US history. The expedition was commissioned by President Jefferson to explore the vast area acquired as a result of the...

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Overview page. Subjects: Art.

American centre of furniture production. Before 1700 Philadelphia patronage supported London-trained cabinetmakers, chairmakers, upholsterers and gilders. Walnut-wood, used only as a veneer...

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Physical Sciences.

Overview page. Subjects: United States History.

Sharing a common subject of study—the inanimate universe of matter and energy—the sciences of astronomy, physics, and chemistry also share aspects of a common history. In many instances,...

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William Bartram

Overview page. Subjects: Art — Literature.


American Quaker naturalist and traveller, author of Travels through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, the Cherokee Country, the Extensive...

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