balanced salt solution

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calcium chloride

Overview page. Subjects: Chemistry.

A white deliquescent compound, CaCl2, which is soluble in water; r.d. 2.15; m.p. 782°C; b.p. >1600°C. There are a number of hydrated forms, including the monohydrate, CaCl2.H2O, the...

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Overview page. Subjects: Arts and Humanities — Medicine and Health.

Sodium chloride. Sodium is an essential dietary ingredient. Daily sodium requirements can be met by the amount normally present in food. Substantial extra salt is used in traditional...

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sodium citrate

Overview page. Subjects: Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.


a salt of sodium administered orally in the treatment of cystitis, by enema to relieve constipation, and by irrigation to dissolve blood clots in the bladder. It is also...

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