Arnold Böcklin


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Adolf Frey

Overview page. Subjects: Literature.

(Küttigen nr. Aarau, 1855–1920, Zurich),

studied at Berne and Zurich, was a schoolmaster and from 1898 a professor at Zurich University. He wrote biographies of A. von Haller...

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Arthur Bowen Davies

Overview page. Subjects: Art.

(b Utica, NY, 26 Sept. 1862; d Florence, 24 Oct. 1928).

American painter, printmaker, and tapestry designer. During his lifetime he had a high reputation as an artist, but he is...

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Dresden, Gemäldegalerie

Overview page. Subjects: Art.

There are two painting collections of major importance: the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister (Old Master Gallery) and the Gemäldegalerie Neue Meister (Gallery of New Masters). The former is...

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Ferdinand Hodler

Overview page. Subjects: Art.

(b Berne, 14 Mar. 1853; d Geneva, 19 May 1918).

Swiss painter, born in Berne and active mainly in Geneva. He ranks alongside Böcklin as the outstanding Swiss artist of his time,...

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Giorgio De Chirico

Overview page. Subjects: Art.


Italian painter, who was the originator of metaphysical painting and a precursor of surrealism.

Having studied in Athens and Munich, Chirico went to Paris,...

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Hans von Marées

Overview page. Subjects: Art.

(b Elberfeld, 24 Dec. 1837; d Rome, 5 June 1887).

German painter, active mainly in Italy (he lived there 1864–9 and settled permanently in 1873). Like his friends Böcklin,...

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