Giordano Bruno

(1548—1600) Italian philosopher

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Baruch Spinoza

Overview page. Subjects: Philosophy.

 (1632–77) Leading Dutch-Jewish philosopher,

banned by the Portuguese Jewish community in 1656, probably because of his criticisms of the Scriptures (but possibly because of a...

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Bernardino Telesio

Overview page. Subjects: Arts and Humanities.


Italian philosopher and naturalist. Telesio studied in Padua but resided in southern Italy. The first two volumes of his major work, De rerum natura juxta propria...

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Overview page. Subjects: Literature.


Giordano Bruno's only comedy, is set in Naples and satirizes the unnatural passions of society, as exemplified by Bonifacio's infatuation for a courtesan, Bartolomeo's...

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Clement VIII

Overview page. Subjects: Early Modern History (1500 to 1700) — Christianity.


Pope from 1592. It was his policy to secure the representation of all the conflicting influences in the curia, and especially to limit that of Spain. He supported...

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Dame Frances Amelia Yates

Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Philosophy.

(1899–1981) British cultural historian

Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition (1964) Non-FictionThe Rosicrucian Enlightenment (1972) Non-FictionThe Occult Philosophy in the...

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Overview page. Subjects: Biblical Studies.

The system of philosophical ethics founded by the Greek thinker Epicurus (342–270 bc). Epicurus held that the senses, as the source of all our ideas, provided the sole criterion of truth,...

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Francesco Belo

Overview page. Subjects: Literature.

(16th c.)

was a Roman comic dramatist, author of El beco and El pedante, both published in 1538. Little is known of him personally; but the sour and scurrilous tone ...

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Hasdai Crescas

Overview page. Subjects: Judaism and Jewish Studies.

Spanish Jewish philosopher (d. 1412). Crescas, communal leader of the Aragonian Jewish communities, was one of the most influential personalities of Spanish Jewry, in particular in his...

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Overview page. Subjects: Literature.

Adherence to Hermetic teachings.

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Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.

The doctrine that all matter is endowed with life.

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