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abominable crime

Overview page. Subjects: Law.

The term used in s 61 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 (now repealed) to describe the felonies of sodomy and bestiality. See buggery; sexual offences.

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Overview page. Subjects: Law — Arts and Humanities.

See heterosexuality; hubris; Sabini; sexuality; and E. M. Harris, Classical Quarterly 1990; S. Cole, Classical Philology 1984; S. Deacy and K. Pierce, Rape in Antiquity (1997).

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Overview page. Subjects: Law.


Penetration of the anus by the penis; anal intercourse involving penile penetration on a man, woman or child. Sodomy is not a sexual offence unless it occurs...

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unnatural offence

Overview page. Subjects: Law.

Buggery. Other ‘unnatural’ forms of intercourse, however, are not included in the term. See also abominable crime.

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