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civil court

Overview page. Subjects: Law — Judaism and Jewish Studies.

A court exercising jurisdiction over civil rather than criminal cases. In England the principal civil courts of first instance are the county courts and the High Court. Magistrates' courts...

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contract of employment

Overview page. Subjects: Business and Management.

A contract by which an employee agrees to undertake certain duties under the direction and control of the employer in return for a specified wage or salary. The contract need not be in...

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Lumley v Wagner

Overview page. Subjects: Law.

The background of this case, decided in 1852, was a fierce rivalry between two London theatres, Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket, managed by Benjamin Lumley, and the fairly new Royal...

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Overview page. Subjects: Law — Bibliography.

The term ‘patent’, meaning ‘open’, denotes any document issued for public attention, as opposed to one ‘close’, meaning ‘sealed’ or ‘private’. It is most often encountered as letters...

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Queen Caroline

Overview page. Subjects: Law — Modern History (1700 to 1945).

Caroline of Brunswick (1768–1821) was the estranged wife of George IV. She is best known for the failed divorce proceedings brought against her in 1820. Caroline married the Prince of ...


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Overview page. Subjects: Law — Economics.

1 An arrangement through which one set of people, the trustees, are the legal owners of property which is administered in the interests of another set, the beneficiaries....

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