communication science

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Overview page. Subjects: Arts and Humanities — Marketing.

The result of any action (physical, written, or verbal) that conveys meanings between two individuals. In the context of marketing, the marketer wants the communication, in the form of a...

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communication theory

Overview page. Subjects: Media Studies — Computing.

The study of communication systems through mathematical models of their operation. It is broadly divided into information theory (the entropy formulation of sources and channels) and coding...

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cultural studies

Overview page. Subjects: Arts and Humanities — Social Sciences.

The critical analysis of the texts and practices of everyday life in contemporary society: an interdisciplinary enterprise involving both the humanities and the social sciences. Its...

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organizational communication

Overview page. Subjects: Media Studies.

Patterns and processes of formal and informal interpersonal and group interaction in institutional and business contexts, including administrative and managerial styles; also, this field of...

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political communication

Overview page. Subjects: Law.

An implied freedom of political communication exists in Australian constitutional law: Australian Capital Television v Commonwealth (1992) 177 CLR 106. The High Court has not defined...

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