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Catholic maintained schools

Overview page. Subjects: Education.

Schools in Northern Ireland which are owned by the Roman Catholic Church through a system of trustees, and managed by a board of governors. The education and library boards provide funding...

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Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.

The word denotes both a church building and the Christian community, local or universal. The origins of the Church as a sect within 1st-cent. Judaism lie in the Lord's choice of twelve...

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faith School

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.

A school in which the ethos and teaching are to some extent controlled by a religious body. In Britain there were charity schools and from the late 18th century Sunday Schools, but the...

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religious education

Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Law.


This is a non‐statutory part of the national curriculum at all stages, which means that parents can withdraw their child from part or all of the RE offered by their school....

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Overview page. Subjects: Religion — Sociology.

The sociology of religion developed a model of religious organization which is referred to as the ‘church-sect typology’. As originally formulated by Max Weber (The Sociology of Religion,...

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