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Book of the Dun Cow

Overview page. Subjects: Religion — Literature.

An Irish manuscript of the 11th cent. containing mythological romances. A fragment of it survives, containing in particular many of the feats of Cuchulain.

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decorated manuscripts

Overview page. Subjects: European History.

Constituted one of the most important branches of the visual arts in Ireland in the Middle Ages. As many more manuscripts have been lost than survive, the development of decoration ...


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Overview page. Subjects: Religion.

Powerful trees which grew extensively in OT times, and those on the plain of Sharon were comparable to the great forest of Lebanon (Isa. 35: 2). Some oaks were invested with a kind of...

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St Columba

Overview page. Subjects: Religion.

(c. 521–97),

Irish abbot and missionary. He established the monastery at Iona in c.563, and converted the Picts to Christianity. St Columba contributed significantly to the...

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