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Overview page. Subjects: Media Studies.

In nonverbal communication, acts involving physical manipulation that serve to manage stress or tension. These include self-adaptors (see self-touch); alter-adaptors (adaptations to...

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affect display

Overview page. Subjects: Media Studies — Psychology.

A form of non-verbal communication in which an emotion or affect is communicated, chiefly in humans by a facial expression. See also display rule, expressive behaviour, kinesics, primary...

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Overview page. Subjects: Arts and Humanities.

A story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one. The word comes (in late Middle English) via Old French and Latin from...

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Overview page. Subjects: Literature.

A description of animal life in verse or prose, in which the characteristics of real and fabulous beasts (like the phoenix or the unicorn) are given edifying religious meanings. This kind...

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Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Linguistics.

A genre of descriptive poetry, closely connected with the emblem. It has its origins in 15th‐c. poetry and heraldry, was practised principally in the 16th c., but lasted well into ...

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Overview page. Subjects: Linguistics.

Written description of armorial bearings. See Achievement Of Arms.

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Overview page. Subjects: Literary Studies (Early and Medieval).

A meaningful body movement, usually of the hand or head, though the term can include facial expression and expressive movements of the whole body. The main kinds of gestures are manual...

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Overview page. Subjects: Media Studies — Psychology.

Anything that elucidates or amplifies, especially by visual signs, or anyone who produces pictures to clarify or explain a written text. In social psychology, a gesture (1) that accompanies...

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Overview page. Subjects: Bibliography.

An emblem used in Italy during the Renaissance as a personal badge by princes, scholars, and other prominent persons.

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Jean the Elder Cousin

Overview page. Subjects: Renaissance Art.

(b ?Sens, c.1490; d ?Paris, c.1560).

French painter, engraver, and designer, active in Sens and from about 1538 in Paris. He had a successful career as a painter and a designer of...

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