gingival recession

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anorexia nervosa

Overview page. Subjects: Medicine and Health.

A psychiatric illness in which the patients starve themselves or use other techniques, such as vomiting or taking laxatives, to induce weight loss. To fulfil ICD-10 criteria for anorexia...

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Overview page. Subjects: Dentistry.

The movement of the mandible during mastication. Chewing tobacco (smokeless tobacco) presents in shredded leaf form and is typically placed between the cheek and buccal mucous membrane. It...

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Overview page. Subjects: Dentistry.


A partially detached piece of tissue produced either as a result of trauma or surgically to repair a defect or to gain access to structures underneath e.g. a periodontal flap...

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periodontal examination

Overview page. Subjects: Dentistry.

An assessment of the condition of the periodontium by visual examination, probing pocket depths, furcation recording, measuring gingival recession, tooth mobility, occlusion, and...

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