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Overview page. Subjects: Regional and National History.

The word derives from the universality of faith in the Christian church, but since the 16th cent. has referred to the portion of Christianity accepting papal authority. It delineates the...

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Commonwealth–state relations

Overview page. Subjects: Politics — Australasian and Pacific History.

Cover a broad range of associations, agreements, and institutional arrangements for carrying on the complex business of governing in a federal system. The constitution provides the basic...

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consumer protection

Overview page. Subjects: Law — Business and Management.

The protection, especially by legal means, of consumers. It is the policy of current UK legislation to protect consumers against unfair contract terms. In particular they are protected by...

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Overview page. Subjects: Politics.

The introduction and termination of Medibank throws into relief the ideological and policy differences between the major parties in Australian health politics. Abortive efforts to introduce...

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policy studies

Overview page. Subjects: Politics.

Analyses of the process of policy formation. It is, ultimately, difficult to distinguish the study of policy from that of politics, since there can be no politics without policy. Indeed,...

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Social Policy

Overview page. Subjects: Sociology — Politics.

Precisely what counts as a social policy is a matter of debate. Both words are problematic. The term policy commonly refers to a more or less clearly articulated set of ideas about what...

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social security

Overview page. Subjects: Social Sciences.

State-administered means-tested systems of income maintenance that are intended to prevent people falling into or remaining in poverty. Some are citizenship-based, others are...

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