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Overview page. Subjects: Architecture — Christianity.

1 Metal spike on which to stick a candle, as on a hearse, with a rimmed plate fixed below it into which the wax could run.

2 Top of a spire.

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principals of a hearse

Overview page. Subjects: Architecture.

Turrets or pinnacles on the central posts of a hearse.

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Overview page. Subjects: Architecture.

Curved member resembling a sort of flying buttress rising from the corner uprights of a hearse, meeting a similar member at a central upright. Ratchements supported the hangings, valancing,...

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Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.

In the Roman Catholic Church, matins and lauds for the last three days of Holy Week, at which candles are successively extinguished, in memory of the darkness at the Crucifixion. Several...

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