Sir Robert Howard

(1626—1698) playwright and politician

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heroic tragedy

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.

A form of serious drama which flourished briefly in England during the Restoration. Heroic tragedy, in rhymed couplets, featured a titanic protagonist, spectacular action in an exotic...

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John Dryden

Overview page. Subjects: Literature.


was educated at Westminster School under Busby and at Trinity College, Cambridge. His first major poem was the Heroique Stanza's (1658) on the death of Cromwell; he...

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John Lacy

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.


English actor and playwright. Lacy was apprenticed as a dancer and acted with Beeston's Boys at the Cockpit before the closing of the theatres. After the Restoration he...

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2nd Duke of Buckingham George Villiers

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre — Literature.


a prominent figure in the reign of Charles II, famed for his debauchery, his amorous adventures, and the vicissitudes of his public life. He was the author of verses,...

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