linkage disequilibrium

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gametic disequilibrium

Overview page. Subjects: Genetics and Genomics.

The nonrandom distribution into the gametes in a randomly mating population of the alleles of genes occupying different loci. The nonrandom distribution may result from linkage of the loci...

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gametic equilibrium

Overview page. Subjects: Plant Sciences and Forestry — Zoology and Animal Sciences.

The condition in which the frequency of the gametes, formed by the association of alleles at different loci, is equal to the product of the frequencies of the alleles that constitute them....

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genetic linkage

Overview page. Subjects: Medicine and Health.

The fact that some of the characteristics associated with genes that are fairly close to each other on a chromosome tend to be inherited together so that characteristics associated with...

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Overview page. Subjects: Biological Sciences.

A set of closely linked genes that tend to be inherited together. The term is often applied to mitochondrial DNA (see mitochondrion) in studies of animals, where the mitochondrial genome is...

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