Maiden castle

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Overview page. Subjects: Archaeology.


A large military catapult which fired projectiles of iron or stone. Roman examples were made up of a framework in which twisted tendons, rope, or leather thongs provided...

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Overview page. Subjects: History.

A fortified building for the defence of a town or district, doubling as the private residence of a baron in the Middle Ages. Although also called ‘castles’, Celtic hill-forts, Roman camps,...

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Overview page. Subjects: Literature.

(Dorset). Civitas‐capital of the Durotriges. Lying near the Iron Age hill‐fort of Maiden castle, Durnovaria may have succeeded a base of legio II Augusta. A large bath‐house lay in the...

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Overview page. Subjects: British History.

Is one of the oldest and most beautiful shires. The county is largely the basin of the river Frome. For centuries it was the quietest of rural counties, with small market towns like...

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Overview page. Subjects: Archaeology.


The late Iron Age tribe that formed a close‐knit confederacy of smaller units occupying Wessex and the south coast of England west of the Solent. During the period from 100 to...

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Overview page. Subjects: Archaeology.


A general term used to describe a fortification on a hilltop, the best known of which are the later prehistoric examples mainly of later Bronze Age and Iron Age date, the 1st...

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Wheeler, Mortimer

Overview page. Subjects: Archaeology.

(1890–1976), learned archaeology at the University of London. He became director of the National Museum of Wales after distinguished service in World War I. Wheeler adopted General Lane Fox...

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