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Armand-Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.


reformer of la Trappe. A godson of A. J. P. du Richelieu, by 1636 he held five benefices in commendam, including the Cistercian abbey of la Trappe. He led...

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Overview page. Subjects: History.

A monk or nun of an order following the rule of St Benedict. From the original Benedictine foundations at Subiaco and Monte Cassino in Italy the number of monastic houses in Europe grew to...

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Bernard de Montfaucon

Overview page. Subjects: Bibliography — Christianity.


one of the foremost Maurist patristic scholars. After embarking on a military career he joined the Maurist Benedictine congregation in 1676. He produced splendid...

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Overview page. Subjects: Music — Literature.

A list of MSS, books, and articles cited or referred to in a scholarly work, or thought relevant to its subject matter. Such lists are usually printed following the work itself.


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Claude Fleury

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.


ecclesiastical historian. From 1689 he was one of the tutors to Louis XIV's grandsons, and after his death (1715) he was chosen as confessor to the young Louis XV....

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Claude Martin

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.


Maurist. The son of Marie Guyard, he deeply resented being parted from his widowed mother when she joined the Ursulines in 1631 and went to Canada in 1639. In ...

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Denis Nicolas Le Nourry

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.


Maurist historian. Educated by the Oratorians, in 1655 he joined the Benedictine Order at Jumièges. From c.1685 till his death he lived at Paris. He took part in...

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Domenico Vallarsi

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.


editor of St Jerome's writings. He was a native of Verona, where he spent most of his life. His edition of Jerome (11 vols., 1734–42), was considerably superior to ...


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Edmond Martène

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.


Maurist scholar. His main work is the De antiquis ecclesiae ritibus (1700–2), a large collection of liturgical texts, with disquisitions on their historical...

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François Combefis

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.


patristic scholar. A native of Aquitaine, he entered the Dominican Order in 1624. He published first editions of the Greek text of several of the Fathers, among them...

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