Yukio Mishima

(1925—1970) Japanese writer

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Fukuda Tsuneari

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.


Japanese dramatist, translator, and literary critic. Shortly after the Second World War Fukuda became established as a dramatist through such plays as Kitty Typhoon...

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George Lucas

Overview page. Subjects: Contemporary History (Post 1945).

(1944– )

US film director, writer, and producer who created the Star Wars screen trilogy.

Born in Modesto, California, George Lucas had his young imagination fired by the...

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Gran Circo Teatro

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.

Chilean troupe founded by Andrés Pérez in 1988. Its main objective was to reach a mass audience; to this end it incorporated elements of Chilean popular culture that had been ...

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Hijikata Tatsumi

Overview page. Subjects: Dance — Theatre.

(b Akita, 9 Mar. 1928; d 21 Jan. 1986)

Japanese performer and choreographer who created the form butoh dance. He studied at the Ando Mitsuko Modern Dance Institute and joined...

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Japanese literature

Overview page. Subjects: Literature.

The history of Japan's literary culture since 1750 has been shaped largely by a number of important social, political, and economic transformations. The first is the emergence of a...

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Overview page. Subjects: Theatre — Dance.

Japanese form of dance theatre dating back to the 16th century. Kabuki means song, dance, and acting, although the term originally meant shocking or strange, in reference to the form's...

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Madame de Sade

Overview page. Subjects: Literary Studies (Plays and Playwrights).

A: Mishima Yukio Pf: 1965, Tokyo Pb: 1965 Tr: 1968 null...

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Nakamura Utaemon VI

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.


Japanese kabuki actor and onnagata (woman's role specialist). The son of Nakamura Utaemon V, he began performing at 5 years of age under the name of Kotarō and went ...


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Ninagawa Yukio

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.

(1936– ),

internationally acclaimed Japanese director. He was active in student theatre in the 1960s, founding the avant-garde troupe Modern Man's Theatre in 1969. In 1974 he moved...

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Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.

‘New theatre’, the leading movement in modern Japanese theatre until the 1960s. For much of the twentieth century the modernization of theatre in Japan meant westernization, a project that...

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