Moscow State Jewish Theatre

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Aleksandr Kurbas

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.


Ukrainian/Soviet director whose career began as an actor in 1912. His first directorial experiments were in Kiev (1917), where he anticipated the avant-garde...

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Isaac Leib Peretz

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.


Jewish writer and lawyer. Born in Poland, he wrote first in Hebrew but later changed to Yiddish. Some of his short stories dealing with life in Hassidic villages were...

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Jewish Drama

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.

Unlike other dramas, that of the Jewish communities had originally no territorial limits. Its boundaries were linguistic, comprising Hebrew, the religious and historical language which...

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Sergei Radlov

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.

(b. St Petersburg, Russia, 18 July 1892; d. Riga, 27 October, 1958)

Director. Trained with Meyerhold (1913–17) before staging a range of expressionist productions in Leningrad...

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Sholem Aleichem

Overview page. Subjects: Literature.


Yiddish writer.

Born in the Jewish village of Pereyaslav, Poltava province, in the Ukraine, Sholem Aleichem was educated at nearby Voronkov, whose inhabitants...

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Solomon Mikhoels

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.


Soviet-Jewish actor and director who led the Moscow State Yiddish Theatre from 1929. Mikhoels made a name for himself as an actor in plays by Aleichem but most notably...

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