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al- Suhrawardī

Overview page. Subjects: Islam.

Shihāb al-Dīn al-Suhrawardī (1155–1192)was an Iranianphilosopher who was born in the village of Suhraward in northwestern Iran. Educated in Marāgheh and Isfahan, he traveled in Iran,...

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Al-Hajj Mula Hadi al Sabziwari

Overview page. Subjects: Philosophy.


Influential Iranian theologian and teacher. A follower and interpreter of Mulla Sadra, his principal work is the Ghurar al-fara'id (The Blazes of the Gems), a poem in...

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ḤājjīMullāHādī Sabzavārī

Overview page. Subjects: Islam.

Ḥājjī Mullā Hādī Sabzavārī (ah 1212–1289/1797 or 1798–1873ce)was the most preeminent philosopher (ḥākim) during the Qājār era in Persia. After the upheavals of the Afghan invasions,...

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Overview page. Subjects: Islam.

Mīr Burhan al-Dīn Muḥammad Bāqir Dāmād, known as Mīr Dāmād (1543–1631/2),was born in the city of Asterabad (now Gorgān) near Mashhad in Persia. He studied in Qazvīn and Kāshān, especially...

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