9th earl of Northumberland, Henry Percy

(1564—1632) nobleman

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Overview page. Subjects: Classical Studies — Philosophy.

A philosophical doctrine at least as old as Democritus, and plausibly viewed as an attempt to combine an a priori conviction of the unchangeable and immutable nature of the world with the...

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Nicholas Hill

Overview page. Subjects: Philosophy.

Nicholas Hill was born in London and died in Rotterdam c.1620 (certainly before 1621). He was educated at Merchant Taylor's School, London and St John's College, Oxford. He matriculated in...

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Thomas Harriot

Overview page. Subjects: Arts and Humanities.


mathematician and astronomer. In 1585 he went on Ralegh's expedition to Virginia. His A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia (1588) is one of...

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Walter Ralegh

Overview page. Subjects: History — Literature.


Elizabethan courtier, explorer, and author. Sir Walter Ralegh was born at Hayes, near East Budleigh, Devon, into a West Country seagoing community. He was the second...

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Walter Warner

Overview page. Subjects: Philosophy.

Walter Warner was born in Leicestershire and died in London. He was educated at Merton College, Oxford and received his BA on 28 June 1578. Along with Thomas Harriot, Robert Hues and...

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