observational study

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Overview page. Subjects: Arts and Humanities.

A scientific study in which the investigator deliberately alters some of the conditions of whatever is being observed in order to study the effects of making the alteration(s).

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lurking variable

Overview page. Subjects: Mathematics.

A potential confounding variable that has not been measured and not discussed in the interpretation of an experiment or observational study.

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naturalistic observation

Overview page. Subjects: Psychology.

A research method involving the passive observation of behaviour in naturally occurring situations, rather than any active intervention from the researcher such as occurs in an experiment....

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participant observation

Overview page. Subjects: Sociology.


A method of research widely used in sociology and anthropology in which the researcher takes part in the activities of a group or community being studied.

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unobtrusive measures

Overview page. Subjects: Psychology.

Any means of obtaining psychological or social science research data other than by interviews, questionnaires, or other direct approaches, that is, without the conscious cooperation of the...

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