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action research

Overview page. Subjects: Social Sciences — Environmental Science.

Learning by doing. A particular type of applied research that often involves researchers and practitioners working closely together, in which a group of people identifies a problem, does...

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British Education Index

Overview page. Subjects: Education.


A database, updated quarterly, which lists all papers on education which have appeared in British academic journals, web sites, and periodicals. Papers and articles are...

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case study

Overview page. Subjects: Social Sciences.

A research method that engages in the close, detailed examination of a single example or phenomenon. In some instances, it may be a version of ideographic rather than nomothetic...

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Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

Overview page. Subjects: Education.


The Centre's purpose is to support the promotion and development of educational research and the trialling of innovations. Founded in 1968 as part of the Organization for...

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Overview page. Subjects: Education.

Commonly and increasingly used as an alternative to ‘teach’ to describe what teachers do. It is not, however, quite synonymous with ‘teach’ since its metaphorical roots suggest a process in...

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Economic and Social Research Council

Overview page. Subjects: Education — Economics.


A UK quasi-autonomous non-government organization (quango) set up to fund research and postgraduate training in economics and other disciplines in the social sciences. The...

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Overview page. Subjects: Education.

In a general educational context this most often refers to someone who holds a funded research post in an institution of higher education, and is known in full as a research fellow. These...

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Overview page. Subjects: Social Work.

This entry discusses some topics in social work and social welfare history. It covers different approaches to that history, such as an emphasis on social control functions of social welfare...

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Overview page. Subjects: Education.

1 Following the assessment and identification of special educational needs (SEN) it is necessary to implement intervention strategies for support which enable students to make...

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longitudinal study

Overview page. Subjects: Mathematics.

A study, usually in the context of medicine or the social sciences, conducted over time. The data that result are called longitudinal data.

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